QB Matchu-Ups: Kyle Orton vs. Tony Romo

Background: Kyle Orton Professional American football player

Kyle was born in 1982 November 14 in Iowa. He attended Southeast Polk High School where he was No. 2 ranked quarterback. He attended Purdue University. In 2004 Orton’s start very successful start of season and had led Purdue to a 5-0 doing 18 touchdown and no interceptions. Though at end of the season he received many injuries during games against Michigan and Northwestern University which lowered his starting position.

Career: In 2005 he was transferred to Chicago Bears and played 4 seasons up to 2009. In the 2007 he was set to the field against Minnesota Vikings and carried the game with the score of 20-13. During this game he did 22 competitions and 1 interception. In 2008 he led the bears to the victory against Colts with the score 29-13. During that game he threw 334 yard which was his highest throw.

On April 2 of 2009 Orton was traded to the Denver Broncos where he stayed up to 2011. During the game against Indianapolis Colts he threw new career high 476 yards. He ended his contract with Broncos and had recorded overall 49 touchdowns and 29 interceptions.

On November 23 2011 he signed contract with Kansas City Chiefs but was injured during game against his former club Chicago Bears.

March 4 of 2012 Orton signed 3 year contract with Dallas Cowboys. He was starting quarterback in the game against Philadelphia Eagles but the game wasn’t successful for the Orton as Eagles won with the score of 24-22. In 2014 Orton threatened that he may retire and didn’t connect with team organizers or members.

On August 29 of 2014 Orton moved to the Buffalo Bills where he finished the season with 18 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.

Orton came with the announcement that he is retiring NFL on December 29 of 2014.

Background: Tony Romo Professional American football player

Tony Romo was born in 1980 on April 21 in San-Diego. He studied at Burlington High School where he started his career as quarterback. He also played basketball and tennis.  After graduating school he attended Eastern Illinois University where is professional career started. He even earned Walter Payton Award which is annually given to top division players. He finished University with 85 touchdowns.

Career: In 2003 Romo entered Dallas Cowboys training camp as a new member and in 2006 he was selected as quarterback in the game against New York Giants. Romo was announced to be starter quarterback in the game against Carolina Panthers which ended with the score of 34-14 in favour of Cowboys. 2006 season Romo finished with 19 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

In 2007 Romo signed 6 year contract with Cowboys thus reinsuring that he will be one of the main quarterbacks of Cowboys. Romo did the last threw in the game against Ney York Giants but it was intercepted which ensured the loss of Cowboys.

In 2009 during the game against Tampa Bay Buccaneers Romo threw his career high 353 yards ensuring the victory with score 31-21. 2009 season finished and Romo was first quarterback in Cowboys history to take every snap in a full season. In 2010 season Romo threw his new career high 406 yards against Tennessee Titans though Cowboys lose with score 24-21. During the game against New York Giants Romo was injured and replaced.

During 2011 season Romo had the second highest rating of 148.40 and though he got several injuries during the season in the end he had contributed 82% touchdowns of the team which are 32 touchdowns out of 39 done. In 2013 Cowboys gave Romo 6 year extension contract thus keeping him in the club for whole of Romo’s career. In the game against Philadelphia Eagles Romo was replaced by Kyle Orton as starting quarterback and the Cowboys lost 24-22.

In 2014 Romo had recorded the highest completion rate with 90% completing 18 passes out of 20. He had the highest passer rating (133.7) in the history of NFL. He was ranked 34th place out of top 100 players of 2015.


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