UFC Light Heavyweight Rematch: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2

UFC Light Heavyweight Rematch: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier 2

With the rematch days away, let’s look at how these two stack up.

On July 9th, Jon Jones will take on Daniel Cormier for the second time at UFC 200. In what is one of the most decorated UFC cards in the history of the sports, Jones and Cormier are unquestionably the headlining duo. With the light heavyweight belt on the line, all eyes will be on this match-up as the night comes to a close. It’s no secret that these two men do not like each other, just refer to the banter between the two to get a feel for the disgust each has for the other. After Cormier was forced to postpone their bout due to injury, the tension between the two has been at an all-time high, building up the hype for UFC 200 that much more. Jones won the first match, but does that mean he’ll win the second? We’ll go to the stats for a closer look.

UFC fights are all about stylistic match-ups. You can’t put a number on how jiu-jitsu matches up against boxing, but what we can do is look at tendencies and break them down numbers. We can get a good feel for what each fighter is going to do and the numbers will tell us what is likely to happen. Daniel Cormier is a pure wrestler, he likes to take people to the ground and impose his will on them — in fact, fewer than half of Cormier’s career strikes landed have come standing, meaning the rest have been on the ground or in the clinch. He likes to do his damage up close and personal. Jon Jones on the other hand is more of a mixed martial artist, combining his terrific wrestling with jiu-jitsu and muay thai techniques. These practices lend themselves to takedowns, being comfortable on the ground and some devastating strikes from close range. Jon Jones uses this combination to finish fights — more than anyone else in UFC light heavyweight history.

In their first bout, Jones won by unanimous decision after landing nearly twice as many strikes as Cormier and besting him in takedowns 3 to 1 with no passes made or submissions attempted by either fighter. It’s hard to see how much things will change in round 2. Daniel Cormier wins a lot of his fights through wrestling domination, passing to advantageous positions on the ground and submissions — all things that Jon Jones is adept at defender. In fact, Jones has defended an incredible 95% of all takedown attempts in his career! Cormier is either going to have to stand and fight with Jones (extremely difficult with Jones’ 12” reach advantage!) or he’s going to have to wrestle better than anyone ever has to beat Jon Jones.

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